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Welcome to my website. Be sure to look around for the Easter Egg game I've hidden!

Here's my resume. Please take advantage of the cute little corporate logo links at the top-right corner as well.

Hello! I'm a software engineer. In May of 2018 I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Notre Dame.

My everyday workstation is a Lenovo x220 Thinkpad that runs CRUX Linux. I enjoy CRUX's simple packaging system and the purist direction of the project. There's a link to the CRUX ports that I manage in the nav bar above.

I don't use a desktop manager, opting instead for the i3 window manager alone. My dev environment is a highly customized concoction of tmux, urxvt, emacs, and a browser when necessary.

I appreciate knowing things from bottom to top, so I find the straight-forwardness of C very satisfying. Trying to be clever is a guilty pleasure of mine and nothing does that better than C++. When I need something done in short order, Python is the best tool for the job. Of course if a short shell script will work, then use that.